Wednesday, 30 March 2016

DS Najib Expulsion Will Strengthen UMNO?

     It is true if the expulsion of DS Najib Razak as Malaysia Prime Minister will strengthen or reliable UMNO?

1. It is true when Tun Dr. Mahathir was resigned as Prime Minister in 2003 will strengthen UMNO? In General Election 2004 we can’t deny that BN got a huge victory and almost Kelantan will be wrested by BN when PAS only have one seat assemblyman advantage to allow them continuously ruled Kelantan. This culprit comes from two major factor which is the breakdown of Barisan Alternatif (PAS+PKR+DAP) and Islamic image from Pak Lah when he envisioned and implement Islam Hadhari. (But now where is Islam Hadhari)

   2. In General Election 2008 Pak Lah had faced worse trusty deficit from voters when opposition consensus was revived as Pakatan Rakyat (PR). PR succeed to denied 2/3 majority from BN members of parliament and wrested five states (Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor & Kelantan).

3. After that’s, Pak Lah was agitated to resign as Prime Minister and he pass the button to DS Najib. So it is the expulsion of Pak Lah will strengthen UMNO or BN in parliament? In GE-13, again PR succeed to prove their track record when they won popularity vote up to 51.8% and show increasing members of parliament.  
4. From this chronology, it is the expulsion of DS Najib will strengthen UMNO even he will replace by his colleagues? If UMNO strengthen, the first theory may be will apply due to the breakdown of opposition block between PAS & PH. But PH has a slighter advantage when Tun Dr. Mahathir and his colleagues were made new consensus (Civil Declaration) with PH to expel DS Najib. Furthermore, the reinforcement to expel DS Najib has come from various Politicians and NGO's.
5. Principally, Civil Declaration is not mere to expel DS Najib but they also urge to institutional reform like SPRM, AG, IGP to execute their role with apolitical and without political fear. We can read in details from 37 Civil Declaration, but the focal point is DS Najib expulsion.
6. The expulsion of DS Najib is feasible due to our present Malaysia chronic condition in economy and sociology. DS Najib has dragged Malaysia and tarnished our image country due to deposited RM 2.6 billion to his private account that airing and painted to WSJ and ABC news. His weakness also made our money exchange declined and will affect traders sectors. DS Najib also was implemented GST, increase high charges for highway and KTM, reduce the scholarship for excel student and anything. Only from his administration “kangkung” are cheap!
7. There is few opinion from the opponent of Civil Declaration claim that this consensus is to reliable UMNO due to Tun Dr. Mahathir and his colleagues statements.  They said like that are based on their capacity background before this as stalwart and leaders of UMNO that use their accent to influence people like them or undecided voters. Certainly the various entity that comes in Civil Declaration have their own agenda but they can accord together in one consensus for one vision. It is norm practice in any political consensus and we can’t urge them to speak like opposition leaders.
In summary, the expulsion of DS Najib will deteriorate the ruler parties and it is not poised issue UMNO will strengthen or reliable. A matter that can make UMNO sustains is due to the breakdown of opposition block between PH & PAS and easily cheated by UMNO comply with race and religious ploy.

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